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Dear Valued Customers,

I wanted to personally inform you of a change that has recently taken place at Bio-Serv. Our Entomology Division had been sold to Frontier Agricultural Services, located in Newark, Delaware. From this point forward, all orders for Insect Diets, Equipment, and Eggs/Larvae should be placed with Frontier. Frontier has also acquired our web site as well, which contains all their contact information.

I assure you that we have selected a very customer oriented business to take over the Entomology Division, and you will be very satisfied with the Entomology related products and services they will provide.

Thank you for allowing us to serve your Entomology needs over the past 40 years, and we look forward to assisting you in any way we can in the future.

Please Note:
Ingredients, Mineral Mixes and Vitamin Mixes will still be available through Bio-Serv.
You can place orders online for these products in our Ingredient Section,or by calling Customer Service at 800-996-9908.


Tim Fisher