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Medicated Solutions

Laboratory animal research often necessitates the administration of drug therapies to experimental animals. Traditional dosing methods such as oral gavage or parenteral injections are not only labor-intensive, but also very stressful and potentially hazardous to the animals. It has been demonstrated that medications, test articles and drug therapies can be successfully incorporated into palatable diets or treats. Bio-Serv has developed the MD's™ (Medicated Dosing System) and Medicated Diet product lines, which offer safe, precise and convenient alternatives to traditional dosing methods. MD's and Medicated Diets are available in a wide range of formulas and flavors, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your research.

A broad variety of standard and custom MD's have been successfully used by researchers to treat or investigate medical conditions in laboratory animals. Examples of medications used and their corresponding application include:

Medicated Table

* Gamma irradiation is available.
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