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Nutritional Solutions

Research protocols may require dietary manipulation of micronutrient or macronutrient profiles to induce or alleviate a physical condition or to investigate the mechanisms by which specific nutrients impact disease states. Examples of commonly manipulated nutrients include vitamins and minerals, fat type and level, cholesterol, fiber and protein. Bio-Serv provides published standard and custom diets for a variety of animal models to meet your research objectives. Our experienced Ph.D. Nutritionist and VMD are available to advise our customers on formulating diets to meet their protocol needs.

Custom Diets:

Diets formulated according to the research requirements of the customer. Bio-Serv can reproduce a previously published formulation, modify our existing formulas or create newformulas based on customer specifications.

Customer Supplied Additive:

Diets formulated to include test compounds supplied by the customer such as medications, nutraceuticals, food ingredients and test articles to allow for convenient dosing of compounds.

Grain-Based Diets:

Diets formulated with agricultural products such as whole grains, high gluten meals and livestock feed ingredients. Ingredients in grain-based diets have complex nutrient compositions.

Purified Diets:

Diets that are formulated with refined ingredients such that each ingredient contributes primarily one nutrient allowing for precise manipulation and customization of the diet's nutrient composition.

Standard Diets:

Routinely manufactured diets that have been published in the literature to meet the research needs of experimental protocols

Please contact us with your dietary nutritional and research specifications. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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Veterinary: Karen Froberg-Fejko, LATg, VMD
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